Dental Implants




An implant case can be used to substitute for one of the RPD units of the 4 current required for graduation in the Section of Removable Prosthodontics.  The following patient treatments qualify for substitution.


1.               Designing and participating in fabrication of a tissue bar used to retain a complete denture.


2.               Designing and participating in the fabrication of a single tooth implant crown (i.e., making impressions, diagnostic wax ups, surgical templates, pouring casts and mounting records, etc.)


3.               Fabricating an RPD where implant(s) is (are) used as overdenture abutments.


4.               Designing and participating in the fabrication of an implant supported fixed partial denture (i.e., making master impressions, pouring and mounting casts, delivery follow-up etc.)


5.               All implant cases need to be approved and supervised by Dr. Kumar Shah in order for students to get one RPD substitution




All designated laboratory procedure will be completed by the 2nd floor implant prosthodontics lab technician training program.  All surgical procedures will be performed in the Straumann Implant Center.  Prior to submitting the case to be lab, and appropriate lab request form will need to be completed.


The student will be responsible for the following as necessary (see grade sheets for details):


1.               Study casts mounted with facebow and CR records (partially edentulous patients only)


2.               Developing a comphensive treatment plan in writing.  (Format to be used will be given to the students)


3.               Completing a diagnostic wax up (partially edentulous patients only)


4.               Designing and fabricating surgical templates to be used during surgical placement


5.               Participating in the surgical placement as the 3rd and 4th assistant


6.               Fabricating and delivering provisional prostheses as needed


7.               Making master impressions, pouring master casts, and mounting this cast and the opposing cast on an articulator with facebow transfer and centric relation records


8.               Work with the laboratory technician student, the lab supervisor, and assigned faculty in fabricating the proposed implant prosthesis of tissue bar


9.               Delivery and follow-up



All prosthodontic procedures will be conducted in 3rd floor Removable Prosthodontics geographic area (B0-129) and supervised by faculty from the Section of Removable Prosthodontics, and all surgical procedures will be conducted and supervised by faculty from the Sections of Oral Surgery and Periodontics as required.


Implant instrumentation (screen driver, impression copings, etc., will be provided in the Straumann Implant Center.  All grade sheets (see enclosed) must be signed by the appropriate faculty in order to receive credit.


Before beginning treatment, all perspective patients need to be screened in the Straumann Implant Center and approved for predoctoral care.  When such approval is obtained, grade sheets can be obtained and the case logged in at the Straumann Implant Center Office (B0-129).

All proposed implant treatment cases have to be presented during the Implant Consult block on Thursday afternoon (1-5pm) and approved by Dr Beumer or Dr Shah. During these sessions, the patient has to be present along with accurately mounted diagnostic casts and recent appropriate radiographs. The student is expected to review all prior related lectures and CDs and be prepared to answer pertinent questions related to his/her patient treatment. Once approved, these cases will be scheduled only on Wednesday morning sessions in the removable prosthodontics clinic with Dr Shah.

The following provides a guideline for suitable pre-doctoral implant treatment cases:

Single or Multiple Units restorations:

  • Posterior single unit restoration without a need for any augmentation or grafting procedures
  • 3-units FPD (or less) in the posterior mandible.


Complete Dentures:

  • Only Mandibular 2-implant implant assisted overdenture; (Cases without extreme resorption or with adequate attached tissue)
  • No Maxillary implant assisted or implant supported overdentures.


Note: A student has to completed the entire procedure form start to finish in order to obtain credit for the case. Incomplete or transfer cases will require student to perform additional procedures of the missing stages in order to get credit.

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