Patient Comfort during Radiographic Procedures


For many patients exposing radiographs is uncomfortable. Certain steps must be taken to minimize patient discomfort and maximize patient co-operation.

• Always set the timer before film placement so the patient does not have to wait with the film in his/her mouth while you adjust the exposure time.

• First start with the anterior films. These films are the least likely to induce gag reflex in the patient. This also helps the patient to get used to the technique and increases patient co-operation.

• Use cotton rolls and edge-ease to increase comfort during radiographic procedures.

• Skillful placement of the film reduces patient gagging. However, if it is a problem ask the patient to take deep breaths through his/her nose while you place the film. Any kind of distraction, like talking, asking patient to count their breaths, will reduce the gag reflux.

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