Radiographic Interpretation

  • Soft Tissue Outlines
  • Bone: Non-Dental
    • Anatomical Features (where significant)
      • e.g. close sinus approximation, tori, foramina
    • Pathology (note if present)
      • e.g. radiolucencies or radiopacities
  • Bone Surrounding Tooth
    • Crestal Lamina Dura
      • Normal–continuous and well-defined smooth
      • Altered–fuzzy, roughened, notched
    • Percentage Bone Loss (if present)
      • Mild: crestal change only with little to no change in bone level
      • Moderate: about 10% to 33% bone loss
      • Severe: greater than 33% bone loss
    • Pattern of Bone Loss (if present)
      • Horizontal: crest, parallels C.E.J.’s
      • Vertical (= angular): crest not parallel to CEJ’s
    • Periodontal Ligament Space
      • Normal, Widened, or Obliterated
    • Radicular Lamina Dura
      • Normal, Thickened, or Absent
    • Interdental Trabeculations
      • Normal, Increased in Density, Decreased in Density
    • Periapical Area (note if changes present)
      • Normal, Widened Ligament Space, Periapical area of Pathology, Radiopacities
    • Furcation Areas
      • Normal, Widened Periodontal Ligament Space, obvious evidence of Rarefaction
  • Teeth
    • Crown
      • e.g. caries, defective restoration, calculus, enamel aberrations
    • Crown-Root Ratio
      • e.g. favorable or unfavorable
    • Root Form
      • e.g. long roots, short roots, conical roots, dilaceration
    • Root Form Relating to Multirooted Teeth (if furcation is involved)
      • e.g. roots fused, convergent or divergent
      • e.g. furcation in coronal, middle or apical 1/3 of root
    • Close root approximation (if present interdentally)
    • Apex (note if changes present)
      • e.g. blunted roots, root resorption, root fracture, hypercementosis
    • Pulp (note if changes present)
      • e.g. obliterated, pulp stones, internal resorption

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