Suggestions for Complete Denture Patients

  • Do not expect the dentures to feel comfortable at first. The muscles tend to dislodge the dentures, but with experience these muscles can be trained to assist in keeping these dentures, especially the lower, in place. Do not form the habit of loosening the dentures with the tongue and lips. The lower denture is seldom equal to the upper either in ability to remain in place or to withstand biting pressure.
  • Soreness may develop at any time.
  • Wearers of artificial dentures must learn to eat and talk with them. Begin with soft foods and gradually learn to eat foods which are more difficult to chew. Cut you food into small pieces, and take small bites and chew slowly. Preferably, bite food off at the side of the mouth. The front teeth were not placed in the denture for biting food, but to restore appearance and phonetics.
  • Learning to talk with your denture requires practice and patience. Reading aloud in front of a mirror is a good way to learn to speak distinctly. Avoid movements of lips and tongue that tend to dislodge the dentures.
  • Cleanse the dentures several times a day. Procure a denture brush at any drugstore. Use denture cleaning pastes, one-half baking soda and one half salt, or ordinary soap as a cleanser. The dentures may be cleansed occasionally by soaking in a solution containing one teaspoon of Clorox and two teaspoons of Calgon in a half glass of water. Fill the basin over which the denture is being held and hold close to the water. If dropped, the water will break the fall.
  • We recommend removing the dentures during the sleeping hours, thus giving the mouth tissues a rest. They should be placed in a glass of water because warpage may occur if they dry out.
  • Dentures are artificial substitutes. Since your own teeth did not last, certainly you cannot expect these to be permanent. The patient who gives his dentures the care and upkeep which any mechanical device should have will receive maximum comfort and usefulness from them.

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