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Procedure codes PrevTX1 through PrevTX4 should be entered in your SOAP note for the exam Preventive treatment should be entered in the Preparatory sequential treatment plan. Preventive consult should be signed by the restorative instructor who gave you the restorative consult. Advertisements

UCLA can’t do free dentistry Clinic carries balance maximum 90 days It is the student’s responsibility to collect on the day of treatment Remind the patient of amount and that payment can be cash, check, or credit card when calling patient to re-confirm an appointment Avoid interruption in continuity of care; the patient who is […]

This is carried out after diagnostic review has been completed and the proposed treatment plan approved by your Group Practice Director or the Treatment Planning Czar. Physical Arrangement A specific time should be planned for this important interaction. Comfortable seating arrangement – practitioner on eye level of patient Adequate visual aids All appropriate patient records […]



Unless you are green slipping a patient, or you have been assigned a patient who first contacted a graduate specialist clinic, your patient will already have been screened.

Patient Bill of Rights • Be treated with courtesy, respect, and confidentiality. • Be treated without discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability. • Be given complete and current information about your dental condition and treatment. • Know about treatment recommendations and estimated cost of treatment. • Be informed […]