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Hard tissue pathosis and detection of:   1) Overhangs 2) Open contacts 3) Defective restorations 4) Recurrent caries 5) Incipient caries Advertisements

Procedure codes PrevTX1 through PrevTX4 should be entered in your SOAP note for the exam Preventive treatment should be entered in the Preparatory sequential treatment plan. Preventive consult should be signed by the restorative instructor who gave you the restorative consult.

Restorative Cassette contain: 21 instruments counting across the cassette 8 additional items: amalgam carrier Dycal (Birtle) spatula hemostat scissor amalgam well articulating paper forceps tofflemire retainer anesthetic syringe stone   When you open a sterilized cassette, make sure that there are 21 instrumentsand that the additional eight items are present. It is at this time […]